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Sems Screws

RM Options:
Stainless Steel , Carbon Steel & Alloy Steel
Size Range:

M3 – M8

Thread options:
Sems Screws, or screws with pre assembled washers, are value engineered parts which help the customer to save on labour costs, increase productivity & output. The washers rotate freely on the screw shank but do not come out of the screws. This allows the screw to be fastened securely to a panel or component without the need for a separate retainer, while still being able to be fully removed from the threaded hole when necessary.
SEM screws are commonly used in electronic and computer assemblies, automotive assembly lines, where the production is high and the need to quickly remove and replace panels or components is common.
Improved assembly efficiency
With the washer already attached to LFS SEMs Screw, the assembly process is faster and easier, as there is no need to handle separate washers or worry about misplacing them.
Reduced risk of washer loss
Since the washer is pre-assembled onto the LFS SEMs Screws, there is no risk of losing or misplacing the washer during assembly or use
Improved sealing and locking
Depending on the type of washer, LFS SEMs Screws with pre-assembled washers can provide improved sealing against moisture or dust, as well as improved locking against vibration.
Consistent assembly
With the washer pre-assembled onto the screw, the assembly process is more consistent and accurate, as there is no variability in the washer placement or orientation.