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RM Options :
Alloy steel, Carbon steel & Stainless Steel
Thread Options:
Diameter Range:
M5 – M64
Stud fasteners are a type of threaded fastener that consists of a cylindrical rod with threads on both ends. They are commonly used in construction and manufacturing to connect and secure objects, as well as to provide a means of adjusting and aligning components. Stud fasteners can be made from a variety of materials in Carbon Steel, alloy Steel & Stainless Steel, and can be coated with various finishes, such as zinc or black oxide, to provide additional protection against corrosion. They are available in a wide range of sizes and thread pitches to suit different applications and can be installed using a variety of methods, including welding, bolting, and crimping..
High strength:
LFS Stud fasteners are designed to provide a high level of strength, ensuring that the connected components remain secure.

LFS Stud fasteners are available in a range of sizes and thread pitches, making
them suitable for a variety of applications.

Corrosion resistance:
LFS Stud fasteners are treated with finishes, such as zinc plating or black oxide, to provide additional protection against corrosion, improving their durability and longevity.
LFS Stud fasteners can be custom designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements, such as specific lengths, diameters, and thread pitches.